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Legacy Kids Preschool is a learning center that provides structured activities and fun learning experiences throughout the day. These experiences will include hands on learning through play as well as use of Abeka, a faith-based curriculum. We believe learning should be fun and exciting for children!

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Legacy Academy is committed to providing a Kingdom-centered education while partnering with parents to provide a foundation built on Truth, guide students to develop qualities that reflect God’s character, and provide opportunities for children to function as the body of Christ in service to God and others.


Legacy University creates uncommon leaders who transform the people and the organizations they lead. We are not a bible college, and we are not just a leadership program. We champion the cause of life long transformation. We begin with the foundation of Mark 12:29-31 where we are challenged to love God with all aspects of our lives and then use the overflow of that relationship to love others. It's not just about spiritual knowledge, but also academic wisdom as well as physical, mental, emotional, relational, and even financial health. We seek to bring transformation to the whole person so those people can spread that transformation to those they lead. 


It's a two year commitment, and it is intense.

But it is worth it.

You'll never be the same.

And you'll never want to be.

Legacy U Interest Meetings

Dates TBD

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