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Serving Teams

Below you will see a list of Serving Teams here at B•C. 

Read over the summaries and if you see an opportunity to serve, you can either click the "Register for Connect Class" button below the teams list, or you can reach out to us via email:

Baptism Team

Prepares for and hosts B•C Baptism experiences.

Events Team

Serves at conferences and church-wide events by setting up decorations & facilitating meals/snacks.

Serving Teams

Campus Safety

Ensures our B•C campuses remain safe/secure & provides basic medical care in the event of an accident or emergency. *Background check required

Greeter Team

Welcomes everyone to a B•C campus at the front doors & main hallways.

B•C Yth

Connects to 7th-12th grade students through worship experiences, small groups, games, events, camps, retreats, & conferences.

Worship Team

Facilitates a powerful worship experience through vocals & instruments as well as audio, video, & lighting.

Connect Center

Helps people identify their next steps here at B•C by providing resources & information about weekend services, Small Groups, Connect Classes, & events.

Creative Team

Captures & communicates the vision & mission of B•C through word, picture, environment, & special element. Delivers the message via the 5 human senses.

Facilities Team

Creates a comfortable atmosphere by making sure each campus is clean, safe, & in excellent condition.

B•C Kids

Connects to children six weeks old through 6th grade by using age-appropriate Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities & personal interactions.

Parking Team

The first impression for those arriving to B•C. Welcomes people on & off the property by providing a safe & excellent parking experience.

Prayer Team

Provides prayer for services, teams, events, & people at B•C.

Production Team

Leads the production of overall worship experiences using audio, video, & lighting.

Usher Team

Assists people to their seats, facilitates the offering, & helps maintain a distraction-free worship experience.

Connect Class

Our Connect Class will help you learn more about BCOMING.CHURCH, our vision, mission and core values and it will also help us to connect, with you. During this class we will help you connect to both a serving team and small group that is best for you.  


Register for Connect Class by clicking the button below:

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